Arjen Hemmelder a.k.a. Stinger, born at the 2nd of Nov 1977, started buying records at the age of 12.
One of the first records he bought was Human Resources Dominator and Friends of Alex What is fick dig. These records were one of the 1st harder records that came out these days Years went by and he was still practicing with belt drive turntables and making music with Fast Tracker a.k.a. FT2 (a DOS based program to make music). After leaving boarding school at the age of 18 he got stranded in Rotterdam(The Mekka of hardcore).

Stinger lived in the same street where Paul Elstak had his studio, and after getting some positive feedback from several artists like Paul, Buzz Fuzz, Dano and Distortion (to name a few) he decided to seriously try and make more music on a higher level.
He bought better gear, got rid of the beltdrive turntables, and started working as a roady at Excess audio in Rotterdam, and part-time for organisations like ISP (former organisers of the well-known Hellraiser party's) and some part-time work for Rige in the Energiehallen.
From that point on, things started to get bigger, that's when he met DJ Akira who helped him and gave him a job at the BPM Dance record store in Zoetermeer. Stinger and Akira became colleagues and after many demo attempts, Stinger finally released his 1st track on the (at that time new) Pendeho label (owned by Justice). And Pendeho 001 was a fact! Other great artists on that record are Drokz, Justice, and Regulator. All this was in 2001 and soon after that he released his 1st Speedcore track on the Hong Kong Violence label (owned by Akira). Meanwhile, bookings started to come more and more and he played at Huge party's like P.O.R.N., I Hate Trance, Navigator, Hardcore Vs Terror, Industrial Power, Smurfenland, Temple of Terror, Proud to be Hardcore, Nightmare Outdoor(the 1st one in 2005), CSR-Welcome to Terrorland,CSR-Return to Terrorland, CSR-Deadline, Partyraiser 12/5 year Jubileum, Hardcore Hooligans, Megarave, Ik Ben Je Bitch Niet, Noisekick’s verouderings proces 2006 and 2007,Frenchcore svp etc.

Performing at Ground Zero 2007 and Dominator 2008/2010/2013 was one of the highest peaks in his career as an artist so far!
Stinger also played in foreign countries like Scotland, Belgium, France, England, Spain, Germany and Italy.
These days Stinger makes different styles of underground music ranging from Hardcore/Terror/Industrial and a little bit of Crossbreed. He has been assigned as Label Manager for CSR Digital and all demos for upcoming releases go through him.