Real name: Erwin v/d Bosch
Label / Record: Viral Conspiracy, This is Terror, etc.

Style: Terror, Speedcore


1997 was the year when he got his second turntable and Starting learning mixing his first booking in 2001 was a 10 minutes DJ set because of the nerves and too hard for the people
from the second change given to him from people that where on the same party all things turning on well in the coming years he developed an unique distorted and fast style with nearly no limits in this same period he starting to make music and finally a track got released on hong kong violence label from akira the style of playing as dj and tracks made on the computer got more appreciated resulted in more releases on vinyl and bookings in 2004 he recorded a dj mix for the darkcore mix cd`s from masters of hardcore and got releases on labels like : Speedcore(de) , Goddess of disaster(FR) , Special Forces(de) at the year 2007 his first release came out on the Headfuck record label together with the destroyer;