Hellcreator came in contact with Hardcore music at the age of 5, thanks to the driver who drove him to school every day (which was arranged for all the kids who were in my school). At the age of 17, his interest in the world of DJ-ing began and on his 18th birthday, he began to DJ. Back then he loved playing Frenchcore before the sound changed. Therefore he started looking into other styles in the harder electronic dance music scene. Thanks to a friend, he came in contact with 🇬🇧 Hardcore-Techno which is a peculiar style, a combination of Hip-Hop music with Hardcore and Jungle breaks. Later on, he got interested in Terror and Speedcore music.

He has performed in the Netherlands, Poland, and France, his performance and style go back to the time of old-school Terror from 1996 till 2007 - 2008. Since he also produces his own tracks, he throws some of his own flavors into his performances. At the end of 2013 / the beginning of 2014, he joined the Saw Blade Records label. After a year he left, due to administrative complications. He went his own way, he's still good friends with the owner to this very day.