Hard Infantry


Hard infantry is the cooperation between "The Exiled Force", "Scorpion Hoplite" and "MC Spike".
Each with years of experience in the Hardcore-scene, they combined their strength into 1 merciless act of audio warfare.

The Exiled Force is the DJ of the infantry.
Playing the records since 2008, he is known for his critical selection of tracks within every performance. With years of passion for the terror scene he knows what you like best. Making sure every set is hard as it should be.

Scorpion Hoplite is the Live-act of the infantry.
Producing and performing his own sound since 2010, to bring the pure sound of the drum pad and synthesizer to the audience.

MC Spike is the MC of the infantry
Groaning his way through the speakers with his voice since 2003, he is the connection to the audience and controls the psycho atmosphere.

Joining forces in 2012, these 3 weirdoes found their way in the scene with their own unique style and sound. That resulted in performances at various parties such as Harmony of Hardcore, The Qontinent, and Terrordrang to name a few.

Their personal favorites being recorded with a GoPro and edited in their infamous "road trip movies" provided on their YouTube channel.

After experimenting with various hardcore sub-genres in the past, their focus became 100% terror. With music productions variating from 220 till 300 bpm they have proven to keep it terror is what they do best.

Their journey has just begun and they are ambitious for more in the future, so keep an eye out for these wacko's because they are coming for you on the Audio-battlefront.